STEAM Studios offers spaces for music rehearsal, recording and recitals. Our people and facilities ensure your music experience with us strikes all the right chords.

Music at STEAM

STEAM Creative Studios is a centre for excellence for creativity in all its forms and music is a central part of our approach.

STEAM provides spaces for you to rehearse and further your music practice. We provide spaces to rehearse, record and experience music as well as access to courses and activities to further your music practice.

Rehearsal Rooms

We offer a range of rehearsal spaces that can be privately booked from £8 per hour.

Access to the kitchen and garden area is provided with every booking. We provide all equipment including cables for no additional charge.

YMCA members and under 25s get a 20 per cent discount on advertised room rates

Live Room

£15 per hour

Kitted out with a grand piano, drum kit, full PA setup, vocal booth and access to a recording studio, the Live room is the perfect space for a band, small orchestra or group to rehearse.

Room Specs:

  • Length: 9m
  • Width: 7m
  • Vocal Booth: 3m x 2.6m
  • maximum occupancy 45
  • Access to toilet and garden area


  • Tama Rockstar (4 piece – 1 x kick drum, 2 x rack toms, 1 x floor tom)
  • Sabian XS 20 Cymbals (14″ hats, 16″ and 18″ Crash)
  • Zildjian A Ping Ride 20″
  • Tama Iron Cobra Kick Pedal
  • Gretsch Taylor Hawkins Snare 14″ x 6.5″
  • Orange Tiny Terror Combo 1 x 12″ Guitar Amp
  • Ashdown Mag 300 Evo II Bass Amp
  • Orange Crush 50BXT Bass Amp
  • 2 x Shure SM57
  • 1 x Sennheiser E 825-S
  • 1 x Samson Q6
  • 1 x Allen & Heath Zed 24 Mixing Desk
  • 2 x Mackie Thump TH-15 Speakers
  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

Foyle Room

£12 per hour

Kitted out with PA system and electric piano, the Foyle room is a great space for smaller bands and groups to perform together or for duets or instrumentalists to rehearse outside the house. 

Room Specs:

  • Length: 6.3m into alcove, 3.5m to back, 10m total
  • Width: 4.1m
  • Access to a private toilet and communal garden area
  • Maximum occupancy 10-12


Detailed spec to follow
  • Drum kit
  • Electric piano
  • PA, amp and mic setup

Studio 1

From £8 per hour

With mini pa system, studio 1 is a great space for individual vocalists or solo instrumentalists to rehearse. 

Room Specs:

  • Length: 3m
  • Width: 2.9m

Recording Space

The live room has direct access to a recording studio, which is fully loaded with hyper modern recording equipment to capture single instruments, bands, groups, vocalists, choirs, spoken word and any other sounds you can imagine.

With a vocal booth and sound equipment in the room we can ensure your recording session goes smoothly. Our production team is highly experienced at recording, mixing and mastering. Their unique range of skills ensures that your sound can be captured as a live or acoustic mix or produced to a professional standard.

Recording sessions start from as little as two hours, depending on your requirements. Recording sessions start at £30 per hour, discounted day rates and half day rates can be accommodated.

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